Fake News

BTN episode – Fake News: 29/11/2016

After watching the BTN episode post a quality comment answering the questions below.

  1. Give an example of a fake news story.
  2. Why are a lot of fake news stories created?
  3. Some are meant to deliberately trick people. Why?
  4. Why were experts worried about fake news stories during the US Presidential Election?
  5. What can readers do to be more aware of fake news stories?
  6. Why is it important to question everything you read online?
  7. What did you learn watching this story?

5 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. Why are a lot of fake news story’s created? Because people click on the web and the owner gets money from advertising.

  2. 1.An example of a fake news story is “New pillows are stuffed with chicken”
    2.fake news stories are created so that that company’s can make money
    3.some fake news stories are created because they want people to click on there website so that they can get lots of money
    4.experts are worried about the fake news during the US presidential election because people might change there opinion about who they will vote for
    5.readers can look for the words “satirical sponsored or opinion” and who posted it.

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