BTN: Social Media Negativity

Social Media Negativity BTN story 6/6/2017 

  1. What did a recent survey in the UK ask young people to rate?
  2. Which social media app came out with the most negative score?
  3. YouTube rated badly for impact on…
  4. What positive impact was YouTube found to have?
  5. Do you use social media? If so, which ones?
  6. What did you learn watching the BTN story?
  7. What was surprising about the BTN story?


11 thoughts on “BTN: Social Media Negativity

  1. Q1. To rate 5 social media apps shown in the btn story
    Q2. The most negative social media app was instagram
    Q3. The impact on you by YouTube is sleep
    Q4. The positive impact on YouTube is that you can help make sad people happy
    Q5. I do use a social media app and it is messenger
    Q6. I learnt to never use too much of social media it can be dangerous
    Q7. The surprising thing for me was about social media

  2. A recent survey asked young kids to rate the impact of the top 5 forms of social media from the health and wellbeing.
    The most negative scored app was YouTube.
    YouTube was rated badly for impact on sleep. It was also rated well because of the impact it gave to people that were felling sad or lonely.
    I learnt from the btn story that you should be careful about what social media you use and how you use it.
    It was surprising at how many people do or don’t use social media.
    Emily 6M

  3. 1:the survey is asking us too rate the impact on social media,so the is people using social media
    2:the most negative score with social media which is intagram
    3:the impact rated badly on YouTube
    This is all I got done

  4. 1:the survey asked people to rate the impact of the top five forms of social media on health and well being.
    2:instagram came out with the most negative score
    3:YouTube rated badly on sleep
    4:YouTubes impact is helping to support young people who feel sad or lonely.
    This is all I got done!

  5. 1. Social medias impact on young peoples wellbeing and health
    2.instagram was the worst was the worst for sleep
    4. Makeing young people fell happy if they are sad
    5.facebook and twitter
    6. Who much we use social media
    7. YouTubes score on sleep

  6. 1.The scocial medias what they affect
    4.helping kids if sad or lonely
    5. I use YouTube mostly nearl every day and sometimes I use Facebook for getting items in games
    6.that social media has a bad impact on people
    7.that more people use Facebook then YouTube

  7. 1)impact on social media
    4)suporting young people
    6)social media is bad if to much
    7)all the stuff social media can do to you

  8. 1.What did a recent survey in the U.K. Ask young people to rate.
    10 people use face book, 2 people use YouTube, 5 people Instagram, 6 Snapchat.
    2. Witch social media app came out with the most negative score.
    Instagram. rated badly for impact on…
    Sleep and Fomo.
    4.what positive impact was found to have.
    Supporting young people. you use social media? If so witch one?
    Yes YouTube and games.
    6.what did you learn from watching the btn story.
    YouTube = fomo that will effect you.
    7.what was surprising about the btn story.
    How many people use social media.

  9. 1. Using social media.
    2. Facebook, YouTube, instagram and snap chatting.
    3. It effect on your sleep.
    4. Put Vedic on it.
    5. Yes, it is you tube.
    6. Don’t send bad message to others.
    7. Helping on you tube.

  10. A1:14 to 28 for health and wellbe
    A2: itwas integral
    A3:YouTube rated badly on sleeping
    A4:YouTube was good at making people happy
    A5:yes I use social media it is YouTube
    A6:I learned that lot of people use social media
    A7:lot of people were not using YouTube

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