Minecraft Playground

BTN Minecraft Playground

How cool is this Minecraft Park? Watch the video, and answer the questions in a comment below (or in your Learning To Be book).

1. What was the main point of the BtN story?
2. Some kids in South Australia are using Minecraft to design…
3. Who is running the competition?
4. What features are they including in their design?
5. How does Minecraft help them design their park?
6. What are some of the challenges designing a national park?
7. How are games like Minecraft similar to the programs that
landscape architects use?
8. What skills are the kids learning using Minecraft?
9. Why do the kids like being involved in the project?
10. What features would you include if you were designing a
national park?

5 thoughts on “Minecraft Playground

  1. 1.That kids can do anything
    3.proffesional designers
    4.A frog pond,a watching thing and a slide,snake,maze,seagull view.
    5.Because it’s simple to use and it helps kids to bring out there imagination.
    6.There not really sure if everyone will like it,and they might think it won’t work
    7.because it helps them to see what it’s going to look like
    8.they are learning to make there own things.
    9.because it’s more hands on and then they can do it there own way.
    10.i would include a giant giant giant slide.

  2. 1. tech kids made park in minecraft and made it come in real life
    2.a park for people and to win competition
    3.linden park primary
    4.kookaburra’s nest, frog island a snake maze and an eagle’s nest.
    5.it plans it out like a blueprint
    6.sea dragon
    7.you can make houses and not hard to use
    8.architect skills
    9.cause they get to make a park for people and them selfs
    10.tree house a water slide and a swing

  3. 1)minecraft isn’t just a game
    2)national park
    4)a giant snake maze, a creek with rocks to jump on and shelters to hide in and aboriginal paintings and all that is called frog island and eagles perge wich is a playground with obstacles and a slide
    5)gives them a good look and picture and idea
    6)you can’t fit some stuff in and you haft to change some of your ideas

  4. Minecraft pack.
    A pack.
    The school.
    Real life features.
    Bringing technology to life.
    Imagining where things are going to be in the pack .
    LxW length and width.
    Getting to desin their own pack

  5. 1: A minecraft park.

    2: A minecraft park.

    3: The school.

    4:They used minecraft features turn it into real life features.

    5:bringing your vision to life.

    6:Imagine were things are going to be

    7:LxW length by width.

    8: Building

    9: getting to design there own park.

    10:building a river.

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