What is Magna Carta?

Watch the following two videos and read the interactive to find out about Magna Carta. Record key information in your investigation books and then post a quality comment answering the questions below.

What is Magna Carta? Splash Website (3.33)

Open and read this interactive – record key information in your investigation books as you read. 

1. What did you learn about what the Magna Carta is?

2. Magna Carta is one of the most famous documents in the world. What does this mean?

3. Why was Magna Carta originally created?

4. Magna Carta has become a powerful symbol of our rights and freedoms. What do you think life would be like if Magna Carta didn’t exist?

7 thoughts on “What is Magna Carta?

  1. The Magna Carta is a piece of animal skin that is 800 years old in England in a language we don’t use anymore.
    The Magna Carta is higher than anything because it’s the law. Even above the King or Queen.
    The Magna Carta was created for human rights. People back then were treated poorly.
    We think that life without Magna Carta would be an utter nightmare. Every one would be completely mad. Life without Magna cart would the cause to the end of the world.
    By Emily and January Paw. 6M

  2. 1 is a great charter
    2 it is famous
    3 because ther was no lay and it was the king wich what ever he want to do
    4 bad dadly

  3. 1.rights for free men
    2.people Like it because it gave them rights
    3.to stop the monarch from having to much power
    4.we should be like slaves and we should have to pay bigger taxes

  4. 1. The Magna Carta was one of the most important documents of Medieval England.
    2. The Great Charter is one of the most famous documents in the world.
    3. The demands of the barons were recorded in the document known as the Articles of the Barons. Following further discussions with the barons and clerics led by Archbishop Langton, King John granted the charter of liberties, subsequently known as Magna Carta at Runnymede on 15 June 1215.

  5. By Ethan and Lennox
    Q. Why was Magna carter created
    Lennox’s answer: because the king 👑 was selfish and the people have had enough.
    Ethan’s answer: because the king 👑 was being stupid and ungrateful to the people.

  6. 1) We learnt that Magna Carta is important because it was the starting point for our human rights. I also learnt that free man had to be represented by the council to be taxed and that’s what started domoracy.

    2) Magna Carta is a important document because it originated from England.Then came the document into Australia and was assigned the English laws.

    3)Magna Carta was created so the English people could follow the rules.

    4) We think that if we didn’t have the Magna Carta we wouldn’t have any rights or freedom. We wouldn’t have any say and we would always get told what to do
    By Simran & Sonya

  7. 1. The Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in the world. It’s also known as “The Great Charter”. It was written by the kings clerks. Magna Carta has become really famous.

    2. It means that it’s so popular it’s still around today. Well, a bit in the law.

    3. It was created because people captured London, so they negotiate, the result got written down by the kings clerks, which creates Magna Carta.

    4. There would be no proper law, so we would be dead, since there is no law for killing people.

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