Up for a challenge?

Try out this code breaking challenge for students aged 8-13 years old.

The ponds of wonder: Code Breaker 

Will I need anything to participate?

Some of the challenges will need you to use your mind, others your eyes and ears. It would be a good idea to have the following items with you as you play:

A notebook and pencil – to write down the codes as you solve them.

A printer (optional) – to print out some of the challenge sheets to work out, (sometimes it’s easier to work on a sheet of paper instead of staring at a screen).

Make sure that you have some headphones as some of the challenges will involve you having to listen to some music.

The original competition for prizes has closed but you can still enjoy solving the puzzles and can earn certificates for passing levels.

Have fun! 🙂 

Ken Ken puzzles

Have you heard of Ken Ken puzzles? They are a fantastic challenge – so challenging and so much fun to solve!

Click on the following link to read about how they work.

How do you solve a Ken Ken puzzle?

Click on picture to play online or click here to download and print pdf file

Ken Ken

6M have been enjoying working together to solve these tricky puzzles. When we first played most students thought it would be really simple to solve the 3 x 3 puzzles but soon realised they are a little harder than they first thought.

What do you think of Ken Ken puzzles?

What advice to you have for someone trying to solve a Ken Ken puzzle?

How do you feel when you have completed a puzzle?

Nets of 3D shapes

Cube net

The video clip below shows a net made from Polydron. You can change the net using the drop down menu on the right hand side. When you press play, you will see the attempt to assemble the net into a solid 3D shape. Sometimes they will succeed, sometimes they will fail.



Before watching each video clip, consider these questions:

  1. Can you imagine folding the net up into a solid shape?
  2. Do you think that the net will fold into a shape with all sides clicked together?
  3. Can you imagine the shape of the final solid if the net does indeed correctly fold together?

Record your predictions and discuss with a partner before watching the the video for each net.


  1. Were you correct? Was the result a surprise in any way?
  2. Try again to imagine how the shape folded together.

Draw an accurate drawing of the net in your book. Can you see which sides joined together? Can you indicate this clearly on your diagram? Can you prove your net works?

What did you find out today?

What questions do you still have?


How well do you know 3D shapes?

Can you complete The Mission 2110 and stop the Roboidz take over the world?

Use your knowledge of 3D shapes to complete the mission.

You will need headphones for this activity if completing in class.

(sorry but this game doesn’t work on the iPads)
sorry embedded game removed due to noise pollution 🙂

After solving the mission go to the following website and explore and record the properties of 3D shapes.
3d shapes 3D Shapes interactive

Can you create your own 3D shape? Create a net print and make the 3D shape?

Were you successful making your own net? What shape did you create?

What did you find out today?