Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

2017 Year 6 Transition Forms (for 2018 Secondary Placements) and Information for Parents have gone out with each Year 6 student on Friday 21st April. Parents/Carers are asked to please read through this information carefully. The application form must be completed carefully and accurately, including 3 preferences for government school placements. All students are entitled to enrol at their designated neighbourhood government school (as per the Education and Training Reform Act 2006). If you have a confirmed placement in a non-government school please fill out Section 5, however if this is not confirmed you are to complete Section 4.
If further assistance or clarification is required we ask you to make contact with your child’s teacher.

Dates to remember:
Week 1, Term 2 Year 6 to Year 7 Information Packs are given out to students/families
Friday 12th May Parents/Carers return Application For Year 7 Placement forms
Wed 9th August Parents/Carers of Year 6 students are notified in writing of placement offers

Thank you,
Katie Scarrott (Year 6 Team Leader)
Rosemary Doherty (Assistant Principal)

Amazing things happen

An introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations. It is intended to be viewed, discussed and shared widely by anyone but especially teachers and parents.

What did you find out?

Do you still have questions about Autism?

Fold and Cut Theory

What? We are learning to fold paper to create different shapes by using only one cut.

Why? This will develop our trial and error problem solving strategies.

How? I’ll be able to use my best effort and knowledge of symmetry and 2D shapes to work out how to create different shapes by folding the paper and only cutting once.

Can any shape with straight sides be made by folding a single piece of paper and by making a single complete cut?

effort meter

What did you find out?

What strategies did you use?

How would you rate your effort out of 5 and why?

Fair Dinkum!

Do you think that there is such thing as a national character? Is it possible to make a useful generalisation?

ABC Splash Video

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

1) According to John Hirst, how did a lack of labour lead to a greater level of equality in early Australian society?

2) What reason does Hirst give for the introduction of what he describes as the racist White Australia policy?

3) In what way does Hirst think Gallipoli was particularly significant for Australia?

4) Write a paragraph or two summing up John Hirst’s view of the development of the Australian character. If you wrote a list of what you see as Australian characteristics before you heard the interview, check how your summary of Hirst’s view compares with it.

If you’ve finished, post a quality comment on someone else’s blog for passion project homework.

Happy Census Day!

How much do you know about the census? Watch the video and answer the questions as a comment below this post.

1. Currently, how often does Australia hold the census?
2. What change does the Australian government want to make to the census?
3. The census collects ______________ ______ every person in Australia. (insert: money
from, information about or ideas from)
4. In which year did Australia first hold the census?
a. 1811
b. 1911
c. 2011
5. Make a list of the sort of information that the census collects.
6. How can Australians fill out the census?
7. The census is not a compulsory survey for all Australians. True or false?
8. What sort of questions are optional in the census?
9. Explain why the census is important for the government.

Final comment: Why does the government want to make the census every 10 years?